Meet our team

A group of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs came together to create Business Brainer, a platform that inspires the tribe of Latin American and Caribbean business owners to ignite thriving purpose-driven businesses.

Together, we have more than 70 years of business experience. We have seen companies thrive and fail on our path and have learned important lessons along the way. Our experience is backed up by university degrees in various area of expertise. More importantly, we love what we do and are committed to the  growth of our clients and that is what really makes the difference.

Rochelle loves to put her knowledge and experience to work to help her clients grow their business. As a Business Adviser with more than 20 year business experience and an MBA degree, she enjoys advising companies that strive to grow, by helping them discover their purpose, define purpose driven strategies, assess the feasibility of their plans,  and develop or improve their business.

Her experiences cover working as a Business Consultant at a Big 4 firm, Investment Portfolio Manager at a pension fund and as as Assistant Managing Director at a commercial bank. As an executive of a commercial bank she had the opportunity to lead various departments consisting of more than 200 employees in total. She was able to implement important business improvements, launch various  innovative products, design and implement  strategies together with her team in order to add value to clients. Since 2015, she has been running her own Business Advisory Firm Excellency B.V..

She built Business Brainer in 2016 to help clients reach their entrepreneurial dreams in order to create value through purpose driven businesses that can grow economies and improve societies.

Rochelle does strongly believe that the success of businesses depends heavily on their leaders. Their leadership styles, values, purpose, vision, culture, and believes are determined to the success of their business. So, businesses cannot thrive if the human aspect is neglected. Business Brainer® is therefore designed to work with business leaders and their organizations from the inside-out.

Danique is passionate about branding. And her passion lies with doing it right… from the inside out. With her it all starts with thorough research of what the product/service/company is, what it offers, what needs it meets, whose needs it is meant to meet, who are its competitors, what are their advantages and what is the unique selling point of the brand that is being developed. Once she has a thorough understanding of your brand, she can start crafting how she wants to present the brand.

“The outer manifestation of the brand is nothing but the creative interpretation of the being of the brand”.

With over 18 years in the business in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, London, Mexico and Curaçao her experience has shown her that if the being of the brand  (i.e. who the brand is) and the manifestation of the brand (i.e. logo, voice, corporate communication etc.) don’t align, the brand will not resonate with its target audience. A solid brand requires alignment and authenticity to sustain the test of time.

Her approach to branding is heavily influenced by her curiosity, her need to constantly evolve, a bit of rebelliousness and a solid center of gravity. She believes that in order to stay creative one has to stay hungry for knowledge. Just like a kid, always wanting to know WHY. For Danique life doesn’t make sense unless you are moving, evolving and learning; that is her (how she can be of) added value to her clients. To her rebelliousness is just part of the required skill set for the job. Breaking the rules is a condition sine qua non if you want to be innovative and fresh. But don’t be mistaken; her energy is counter-balanced by a practice of observation which allows her the ability to be present to what her clients want and need even when sometimes… they might not be present to it yet.

Roxanne started HERO Media Consulting & Planning in 2000. After completing her graduate study in Economic Psychology at the University of Tilburg, she has been able to put her knowledge of Consumer Behavior into action. First, as an account manager for an advertising agency and later as a brand manager and marketing & communications manager. She has had the opportunity to work on both sides of the spectrum namely at the one hand in the role of  the client and at the other hand in the role of  agency. This gives her a unique understanding of the client`s needs as well as the value that  can be delivered; thus, putting into play all aspects of Consumer Behavior. 

During more than 18 years as the owner of HERO Media, she has had the pleasure to serve various types of clients: small, large and multi-nationals both locally as well as internationally.  She has a  strategic alliance with Publicis Caribbean and serves international clients across the Caribbean and  Latin America.

Through HERO Media, Roxanne helps companies reach their potential, improve their market visibility and presence through market research, training, advisory in the fields of marketing & communication. 

Right from the beginning of her career, she has had the opportunity to teach the principles of marketing and communication and give assistance to SME’s and has done so for more than 15 years. As a trainer and advisor, she was able to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs in following their dreams and to start their own business.  

Being part of Business Brainer Corporation therefore is a natural evolvement of wanting to do even more for aspiring business community and fits like glove.  Dreams are there to be made a reality and that is exactly what Roxanne is going to help them do.  

The only way to move is by moving. Let`s assess together how to create or scale  your business.

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